Iki Opo? What is this? Apa ini?

This is my personal notes on technical stuff, mostly on IT, computer networks, cloud computing technology, software defined networks, telecommunication, network & computer security, computers in general, and some other things that scatter in the Internet that I find interesting & amusing, technically.

Kowe kuwi sopo? Who are you? Saudara/antum/elu ini siapa?

I'm Affan Basalamah, IT professional from Bandung, Indonesia. My employer is higher education technology institute in Indonesia, but I also managed to consult for one of the large telco operator in Indonesia.

Iki mocone piye? How can I understand this? Ini tulisan bacanya gimana sih?

This is my personal scratch pad. I try to gather all the interesting links from the Internet that I find, and collect them to get some understanding about how things works. It helps me to not forget the stuff that maybe becomes important later.

Do you remember delicio.us? (If you remember, you are old) I need to have my personal site for collecting things, usually links from Internet. And now, that site is defunct, and I think by using the static pages blogging such as Ghost, easy to write with Markdown, with no RDBMS (backup just one JSON file), hosted on some cloud, maybe this site is good enough for me to organize my link collection.

It's not a how-to blog. In some post, I try to capture the procedures of the thing that I worked on. I just write how the thing works, the big picture about things, and you need to find the howto for that particular subject. Don't ask me how to do some particular procedures, just use Google. I also use it.

If I have time, I will organize some posts and categorize the notes in one single post to make it comprehensible for most readers. Just remember it may take awhile.

I write in Bahasa Indonesia, because it's easier for me to capture the burst of my mind that I need to capture. (see? My English is not that good). You can use Google Translate if you interested in my post.

If you have questions, just mention me on @affanzbasalamah on Twitter, maybe I can answer if I have free time. If you happen on Bandung, maybe we can discuss in person if you like (in some coffee shop, maybe?). If you stay in Jakarta or other cities, please just come to Bandung :)